Our debut project, Champion Monsters, is complete and available for purchase on our Order page. These books and lovable monster dolls for kids will help them conquer any difficult situation.  The Champion Monsters book and stuffed monsters are a must have for every child!  They provide additional support to children and help them conquer any fear or trying situation.  This packaged is designed to be a helpful tool in comforting children whether they are afraid of the dark, have to go to the hospital or doctor, are missing a parent or loved one, or any other difficulty.  We are constantly working on new books, dolls, apps, and other ventures to take Champion Monsters to a new level in helping children and caregivers.  Please enjoy our website, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter pages. Check back frequently for updates and sneak previews, as we hope to showcase many new and exciting projects for children!

– Lindsey Womack

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